Monday, December 28, 2009

What a week!!

This past week was filled with so many wonderful memories. I wanted to be sure I wrote them all down. It all started with my brother Garrett returning from his mission on December 21st. He was serving in the Santa Rosa California mission and did a wonderful job there. I am so proud of him and his example. This is a picture of him and Marlee at the airport.

Then came Christmas, which we spent up in Holbrook. This was Marlee's first Christmas but since she is only 3 months old we let her sleep and we opened her presents. She got this Bumbo from her Nana and Papa. Doesn't she look so stinkin cute in this chair.
The Saturday after Christmas is one day I'll never forget. One of the presents I gave Roy was the work all done for his Father and Grandfather to be baptized. You see, my mom had already reserved a time slot in the temple to do baptisms for the day after Christmas and when she told me we where going, I thought what better time to get this done. Roy and I have talked about it before but never did it. It was an amazing experience. My dad was the one doing the baptizing. So to see Roy be baptized for his Father and Grandfather was amazing. You could feel the spirit so strong. There was not a dry eye in the room. I am so excited to do more work for his family.
The day after Christmas was also Marlee's 3 month birthday. Here she is all dressed up to do family pictures. My mom's whole side of the family was in Holbrook for my brothers report and for Marlee's blessing so just jumped at the chance to take a family picture. It has been a very long time since everyone has been home and it was great to see everybody. I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out.

Now to Sunday!! Sunday my brother talked in church about his mission. It was an amazing talk. I loved listening to him talk and to feel of his spirit. He has grown so much, not just physically but spiritually too. Again, I am so proud of him and the work that he has done. I know he has touched many lives. Sunday was also Marlee's blessing day. She is now on the records of the church. I think we had one of the biggest circles for a baby's blessing and I have to tell you why. All week I talked to different people about how we should go about inviting people to stand in the circle because we were going to have so many people there. Well my Uncle Stuart gave the best answer. He said, "The more the better." The way he sees it is the more people standing in the circle, is the more people that will be supporting Marlee in her life and you can never have to much support. After he said that, I wanted every one that could in that circle. SO we had Roy, my dad, my 2 brothers (Lance and Garrett), Grandpa Foutz, my Uncles Brent, Jason, Jeremy, Scott, Stuart, and John, then also my cousins, Terril and Brian. Oh and Bishop Stuart. It was so great to see them all in a circle with there hands supporting my little girl. Roy also gave a very beautiful blessing and I am so grateful for him.
The picture below is Marlee in her blessing dress. My Aunt Mel took pictures of her as well after church and I can't wait to see those pictures. Thanks Mel!!

I hope I'm not forgetting anything but that was a Christmas week in a nut shell!!


Foutz Family said...

It was a fun weekend! And I'm going to edit Marlee's pictures tonight - and I think they'll be pretty cute.
As for all those family pictures... be prepared to be disappointed. I'm really not happy with how any of them turned out. :(

flowermom said...

We have always had lots of men in the circle for our kids blessings. I think there were about 10 for Joseph, not quite as many for LeeAnn, but quite a bit for Catherine too! That's what happens when you have 5 brothers, your husband has 5 brothers, and you have a brother-in-law. I have a lot of brothers, period. plus grandpa!