Wednesday, March 25, 2009

14 weeks

YIPPIE!!! I'm 14 weeks today!! You know what that means, hello second trimester. It seems to be going by fast but it also seems to be going by slow. It's crazy. For the past week I have been feeling pretty good. Some nausea but no throwing up. Also my energy has definitely increased. Hooray because my school work was showing how much energy I had. So now it's time to step it up with school. Also my house is actually getting cleaner. Poor Roy was living in a house that looked like a tornado hit it. But it's getting better. Several people asked when do we find out what we are having...well not til about the first week in May. Seems like forever away and I want to know now dang it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

Wow, so we had a doctors appointment today. Let me tell you have boring it was. All they did was have me pee in a cup, they weighted me and then took my blood pressure. Of course the doctor asked if I had any problems or questions. But that was it! I was disappointed. I was hoping that we could at least hear the heartbeat or something. She said that next time we will do that and then that's also when we have to decide if we want to do the different screenings. So at least next months appointment will be a little more exciting. Did you any of you do the screenings? I don't know even know what they screen for!