Monday, August 31, 2009


So all the puppies are sold! Yippie! We still have one here with us because a lady from Farmington New Mexico is going to pick him up on Saturday. But I don't mind because this puppy is super sweet. So no more worrying about having to deal with puppies and a newborn!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We have 4 puppies that need to go to a good home ASAP. They are 8 weeks old, AKC registered, already have their 1st shots, tails and dew claws are cut. I am getting nervous because I have 4 weeks til my due date and these puppies are still here. Please if you know any body that would be interested in buying one, give them my name and number. I would greatly appreciate it.

This first picture is of the little girl. She is black and tan with a little white patch on her chest. She is super sweet yet very playful. She is also very smart. Roy already taught her how to shake.
This is our tan boy. He looks just like Bella. He is our adventurous one. He is not afraid to go off on his own. He is also very quiet and patient.
This is the black and tan boy. He is exactly like Hersheys. Very Very playful!!

This is a white and tan girl. She is a cuddly thing. She loves to be near you. But also very playful and has a ton of energy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

34 weeks

That's right, I'm 34 weeks today. That's so crazy to me. It has gone by so fast. I had another doctors appointment today. Everything is great. Throughout this whole pregnancy I have only gained 4 pounds. That's just crazy to think about because look how big my belly is. But if I have things my way and little Marlee listens to her mom, we only have 4 more weeks. haha But it will be alright if she decides to come another day. :)