Sunday, January 9, 2011

1st Week of the New Year!!

This first week of the new year has been an eventful one and our new years resolutions are under way. We actually started our the Monday after Christmas and have been doing good ever since!

Monday, I took Marlee's bottles away!! That morning we went downstairs and she help me pack them up!! She did great the first day! Didn't even seem to faze her until day #2! That day she was a nightmare! The first part of the morning she was screaming and crying, which she rarely does but after that day she seem to figure out that they weren't coming back! She has done good ever since!

Tuesday, or I think I was Tuesday! ha ha We got a call from Social Security!! Roy has been approved! I was so relieved and thankful! Roy and Marlee will be receiving checks from Social security disability! What's even better is that we will receive a retro check for 2 months!! again, so very thankful!!

Thursday, Roy had a Doctors appointment and I thought we were getting his Peg-tube out but it's a different kind of tube, one that is stitched in on the inside of his stomach! So we go to Casa Grande on Wednesday, where Roy will be lightly sedated. They will go through his mouth to take it out! Oh yummy! At first, I was scared because I didn't want Roy to be put to sleep and on a ventilator again but Doctor reassured me that it will be a light sedation!
Then later Thursday, I was helping Roy with something ( can't remember) but then all of a sudden Marlee is screaming bloody murder. I go over to her and the 5 pound weight next to Roy's bed is on the floor. I immediately so grab an ice pack and the Tylenol. She won't let me touch or even try and look at it. She also won't stand up! So I laid her down put the ice one it and gave her a sippy cup of milk. After about a half hour I put her down for a nap! She slept for 2 hours and when she woke up she was jumping in bed like normal! The foot hasn't seem to bother her since! YIPPIE!!

Friday, I took Roy into therapy to see how that was going! Man they really work him! He was even sweating a little bit! It was good to see he work hard!! Our amazing friend Jenna watched Marlee for us so I didn't have to run after her all day at therapy!

Saturday, we have an aide come in and sit with Roy! Well they come other days too but I like Saturdays because it's from 8-4 and I can go and get out of the house for a bit. So Marlee and I went to the mall, which I haven't been in forever! It looked so different!, then to Target! I got Roy 3 outfits with gift cards he got for his birthday! Thanks everyone for those!! We will got home Marlee decided to trip on the ramp in the garage and now she has a huge fat lip! She was so good though because she sucked on 5 or 6 cubes of ice so it doesn't look to bad! Also, after I got the car unloaded, the aide ( that was a fill in by the way) told me that she had trouble getting Roy off the toilet! She had to lower him to the floor and then go grab the neighbors to help get him back up! She felt so bad! Roy was ok, actually he was laughing about when I asked him about it later! We joked that he had fallen and couldn't get up! Poor Roy and aide!

So today is Sunday and I wonder what is in store for us today! Hopefully it will just be a day of rest!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Marlee's new likes!!

The last couple of days Marlee has been funny! She is trying new foods and loving them. Yesterday for dinner we had candy chicken, rice and broccoli!! I know she loves chicken and rice and she has had raw broccoli once so I didn't know if she would eat it cooked! Well she looked it! She ate about a cups worth, along with chicken and rice!!

Then later that night Roy and I were snacking on the leftover cheeseroll I made for New Year's and then here comes Marlee!!

What what do you know, She Loves it!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years!!

Words can not express how excited I am that 2010 is over. It was a rough year for me and my little family. I know that we are given challenges to help us grow and I definitely feel like I have grown. I have made several New Years Resolutions this year and one of them is to Blog more. Actually I am deleting my Facebook, so if you would like to keep up with my family and I then you will have to stop here!

This New Years Eve, we spent it at our house. We just decided it was easier for us with Roy and Marlee. We had a small group of people but we had a blast!! We played a couple of games and had a ton of laughs!

On Christmas Eve I won a tube that had a yard of licorice! Actually it had 10 rope, a yard each of licorice. So we decided to have a licorice eating contest using no hands. Man it was hard but a lot of fun! He are some pictures I got while trying to eat my licorice!!
This is Jenna, trying not to drop hers!!
Heather, cheating using her arm!! HAHA

These two were the finalist!! And Kalob WON!!!

Us girls with our leftover licorice!! My mouth is FULL of licorice!!

After we got down with our licorice we decided that we needed to say Happy New Year's to Lance and Brittany!! So we piled in Heather's xB, all 7 of us!! :) Then we got there, we snuck in through their garage and then just sat in their living room. It was to bad Lance saw something move in the living room and decided to come see what it was!! Then we shouted, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" It was a lot of fun!!

Thanks guys for spending new year's with us!!