Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fiesta Bowl

Roy and I were able to go the Fiesta Bowl this year. We actually got season tickets and what that means is every year we will have the option to buy tickets to the game and also the National Championship game if it is here that year. We had such a great time. This was also my first time leaving Marlee longer than 2 hours. I believe I did pretty well.

This picture doesn't do the Boise State fans any justice only because that was the side we were sitting one. But there definitely was a sea of orange. Boise State fans were so much louder compared to TCU fans. Every time Boise's defense stepped out onto the field they would go nuts. It was a great experience to witness true fans.

Here I am with our tickets. Our seats we decent ( we were like 5 rows away from the very top) but as Roy would say, " It's better up here because you can see the plays develop"

Here is Roy being his goofy self. That the game, Roy ran into someone he went to Jr. High with. It was crazy! They were sitting across from us and one row down. I tell ya, Roy knows someone every where we go.

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