Thursday, December 4, 2008


In our backyard we planted an orange tree and a lemon tree. Well for months our lemon tree has had lemons but they were still green. Now they are yellow. Yippie we already have lemons and they are actually good. Roy thought they won't by but we cut one open and tasted it. Now we just need to get a juicer.


Tuihalalalala said...

mmmmmmmmmm yum I am coming over for some lemons....naaah only if you wanna share hehehe. So how did the Luau food come out? Did you like the Kalua Pig...I think Bro. Farabee did good. Thanks !!!!

Tuihalalalala said...

P.s You guys were awesome with the whole set up crew before I even got there. Luckily Heidi was able to...I love you all for that!

Douglas and Karolynn Kay Burgett said...

Jealous!!! Very very jealous! How is school going? How much longer do you have and what are you going into?