Sunday, March 28, 2010

Homemade baby food

Marlee has started eating solid more and I have always wanted to make her baby food. So this weekend I started so I would have a little supply going. I made carrots (as pictured), apples, sweet potatoes and pears. It is super easy and cheap. I spent $4.79 and made about 64 servings of baby food. That equals about .07 cents per serving which is alot better than .79 cents per serving when you buy the jars of baby food.


Burgess said...

I always wanted to do that, too, and never did -- I would love to next time around!

Foutz Family said...

That is awesome. I tried that a few times too, but never kept up on it. I'm going to put more effort into it this time. :)

Kay said...

Go Ally! I'm just not motivated enough to do that, plus we're on to solid food, he won't take any of that pureed stuff. :)