Wednesday, May 6, 2009

20 Weeks

Today I am officially half way through my pregnancy. I can't believe how fast it has gone by. She is kicking a lot which is really exciting. It is the craziest feeling. I have felt her a couple times on the outside which I was really excited because I want Roy to be able to feel her. But it seems like whenever we are together she not kicking as much or as hard. So he can't feel it on the outside. But that's ok, soon enough I'm sure he'll be able to feel her. We are still thinking of names. We haven't agreed on any yet but that's ok, we still have enough time. If you have any ideas, throw them our way. I like really different names so don't be shy.


Katie said...

I thought you liked the came Colour or something for a girl back in high school. You should totally go with that!!!

Lyrically Blue said...

Ok so here are lots of my favorites:

Zahira - means brilliant or shining

Suri - means princess


Waverly - means meadow

Zoe (my favorite)- means life

Adira - means strong, noble, and powerful

Alexis - means defender or protector

Annalisa - means graced with gods bounty

Ava - means bird

Estelle - means a star

Idris (another favorite) - means fiery leader

Isis - means powerful goddess

Kalei - means beloved in hawaiian

Leala - means faithful

Maia - means brave mother and warrior

Mahala - means woman in native american languages

Neima (another favorite)-means melody

Nia - means goal and purpose

Raziah - means content or the lords purpose


Roya - is the female version of Roy's name

Reina - means queen

Kay said...

OKay, Katie totally stole my comment. I bet she only knows that because I told her about it the other day. Katie, you comment stealer you!

Hmm... Different names... I got nothin', but that's because the baby sucks my brain power. I used the name finder at Baby Center, they have a list of unusual names. Check it out:

...and there's always Sincere... ☺

Sandy said...

Hmmmmmm. . . How about Marlee Zane. I thought of it all by my self. What do you think?