Sunday, November 16, 2008

Awesome Present

Roy and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary in October and for my present he got me a new digital camera. Let me tell you, this camera rocks. I don't know much about cameras and when I told him I wanted a new one. I told him my only criteria was that it had a bigger screen. I don't know about mega pixels or anything. Well since he gave it to me, I haven't had anything exciting happen so I can take pictures. So yesterday we went to the ASU game ( we have season tickets) and I thought to myself, great time to take pictures. These are just a few pictures I took and I am amazed at what this thing can do. This first picture I took, I was amazed at the coloring. Everything seems so brilliantly bright. I love it.

Look at how close I can zoom in. I can almost read his lips!

These next 2 are my favorite options. You can choose to do accent colors. So everything else will be black and white and then the camera chooses what color to accent. So I took one of the field and then the next picture is of my sister in law, Brittany demonstrating the accent coloring by holding up her purse.

Thanks for the awesome present babe. You're the best and I love you!!


Kaddy said...

That's a cool camera you got there! I need to get a new one I don't like the one I have so I just use the one on my phone! Lame I know!! Oh, and love the new pic you have for your header, you two look so cute!!!

Kay said...

That's awesome! I want a new camera really bad. If only we were rich! ☺