Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School, Back to School

Roy and I Started school this week!!! No I'm not in the nursing program yet, grrrr! But I am taking classes that will go towards my Bachelors in Nursing. This semester I'm taking Nutrition, Pathophysiology, Medical Terminology, and Spanish. The only one I'm truly scared about is Spanish. On the first day we had to stand up and introduce ourselves. I'm thinking to myself, Hello it's been 12 years since I've taken a Spanish class. But I made it through 2 classes so I'm doing ok! :) Oh also my Spanish teacher is from Costa Rico, is LDS, has taught at BYU and at the MTC. Pretty cool huh?!
Roy is going to Phoenix College and he is taking EMT, a firefighting class and another one but I can't remember what it is! :) He seems to really like it so far!

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Kaddy said...

Are you on the wait list for the nursing program? I heard it is killer!! But at least you can take other classes now and not have to do them later right? Sounds like you two will be very busy this semester! Good luck in all of your classes!!!