Monday, August 18, 2008

Almost 2 years ago.

In October Roy and I will celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Crazy how time flys. Well about a week ago we finally developed our disposable camera from the wedding. We had about 25 camera and the sad thing is only about 4-6 pictures from each camera turned out. It's called a flash people!! Anyways these were some of my favorites.


Kay said...

That's a good one of Troy and Holly. How are they anyway? Cute pictures, I wish we would've done the whole disposable camera at our reception. I wanted more candid pictures. Oh well! Yea! I'm so excited for your blog!!!

Kaddy said...

Those are some fun pictures! I can't believe you have been married almost 2 years already!! Crazy!

McGee said...

I just want to know why i wasn't invited! lol just kidding so totally sorry about the pics not turnig out! but holy cow 2 years! where are the Babies Alli! where are the babies! lol 2 years is enough i love ya! so glad i get to be apart of your family! love you!