Monday, October 5, 2009

Marlee Zane Brandon

Marlee Zane Brandon
September 26, 2009
3 p.m.
7 lbs 11oz
21 inches
Sorry it has taken me so long to post something about the birth of our little girl. But I still adjusting to life with a newborn. Let me go ahead and write about little bit about the birth of Marlee. It all started Friday September 25th at 2 pm. I had gone to the bathroom and was washing my hands when I felt like I peed my pants. I remember thinking, there is no way I just peed my pants because I just went to the bathroom. So I go down stairs and was doing something in the kitchen when I felt it again. I called my mom and asked her if she ever experienced her water breaking and what did it feel like. She confirmed my thought that my water had broke. So I called Roy to let him know that I was calling the hospital to ask them what I should do. He said right then that he was coming home. I called the hospital and they wanted me to come in and they will check to see if my water actually broke.
Got to the hospital and sure enough my water did break. So they admitted us right them. By this time it was around 5 pm and I wasn't having any contraction. The nurse told me they would be starting me on pitocin. That started around 7 pm. The screen was showing that I was having small contractions but I still wasn't feeling them. So Roy and I just hung out. We played Uno, watched TV and then later I tried to get some sleep. They didn't start checking to see if I was dilated until about 11 pm, which at this point I was still only a 3. Through out the night my contractions were getting stronger and stronger and by 7 am I couldn't handle them any more. They were making me shake and throw up. So I got an epidural. When I got the epidural I was dilated to a 6. So I was making some progress.
Wow, once that epidural kicked in, I was in heaven. Those things are amazing!! So I tried to get some sleep since I didn't really sleep much with those contractions I was having. I think it was around 11 am the nurse was watching the charts and had noticed that with each contraction I was having Marlee's heart rate would go down. She was a little concerned so she called the doctor. She also said she couldn't turn up the pitocin because that would only make my contractions harder and if they are harder then it could put more stress on Marlee. Doctor said to turn off the pitocin and watch the heart rate with out it. Well once they turned off the pitocin, my contractions basically stopped. And of course Marlee's heart rate went back to normal.
The Doctor came in about 1 pm to talk to us. She said that because Marlee wasn't doing well with semi weak contractions, she is concerned that once I get into hard labor that she really won't do well. Also, I still wasn't dilating, I was still at a 6 at 1 pm. Then on top of that we were coming up to 24 hours of my water breaking. Which is a concern for infections. So with all of this on our plate, we decided together that a c-section would be the best thing.
After the Doctor left, I started to cry. I didn't want a c-section but I wanted what was best for our daughter. They started prepping me and we were in the operating room by 2:45pm. Marlee was out at exactly 3 pm.
We are so blessed to have Marlee here with us. She has brought so much happiness into our lives already. She is a really good baby, she eats and sleeps like a champion. Which I am so thankful for. She is really alert. My mom said she doesn't remember newborns being awake this much.
I can't believe I love something so much having only meet her a little over a week ago.


Foutz Family said...

Marlee is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you again for letting me practice taking pictures!

Layton Clan said...

Yeaa yeaaa yeaaaa!!! She is beautiful! Marlee and Marin are going to be besties!!! : )

C-sections aren't all that bad girl - welcome to the club!


Rebecca said...

Allison - you just described my first birth experience to a "T". My only difference was that I only dilated to a 1.5 over the course of almost 24 hours on pitocin with a broken water.

I'm glad she's here and everyone is healthy. Don't fret the c-section, I cried also when I had to have's shocking but everyone is healthy and that's what is important.

Kay said...

So glad everyone is happy and healthy! We can't wait to meet her.

Derald and Jen said...

YAY!!! Congratulations! She is BEAUTIFUL! I want to meet her in person soon!

So, you know how everybody says, "Sleep when the baby is sleeping!"?? Well, I didn't and I wish that I had! Get sleep whenever you can! Seriously, you'll feel so much better. And enjoy this time! Don't try to do too much. Just hold your baby and love her. Nothing else matters right now. You are already a great mommy! Love ya!

The Fish Family said...

Congrats! I saw your parents and Tess at Wayside when your water had broke and was so excited for you. I am glad that she is finally here and I couldn't wait to see pics of her. She is so beautiful and I am happy for you that she is such a great baby. Enjoy her everyday because they grow up so me!! Hope to see you and that little girl soon.

Katy said...

Marlee is so Pretty!! I remember working in the OB and having situations like yours happen. It's a scary situation, but it sounds like you handled it like a champ! I am glad it all turned out so well and that Marlee is doing so good! Have fun with her!! :)

Gina Lee said...

Yeah, I am so glad you found me!! She is adorable, and I still need to bring you dinner!! I will call you tomorrow and figure that out. Congrats again, and I cant wait to watch her grow on your blog!

Elijah and Jenny said...

What a beautiful baby girl!!! We are so excited for you guys- I know that you will be great parents and look forward to seeing more pictures. Thanks for the link to your blog. It's such a great way to stay in touch! Congrats to you both and hope to meet little Marlee in person one of these days :)