Thursday, September 3, 2009

37 weeks

Yikes! Look how much I have grown! That's amazing. I was just telling Roy the other night, I don't feel big enough or uncomfortable enough to be considered full term. His words were, Oh yes you are! haha I just had to laugh. But now looking at this picture, I definately think I'm big enough. Anyways, we are plugging along just waiting for this little one to come and still hoping she comes on the 9th!! We shall see!! :)


Kay said...

You look ready to go! I was surprised when I went back and looked at all my prego pictures. I even did a post where I put them all together and you could see me just getting bigger and bigger!

Derald and Jen said...

Wow, you look really good! If you want to feel better about the size of your belly, go back on my blog and look my humongous baby bump! I was so uncomfortable at your stage.. I had my little guy two days before 37 weeks, actually. I was ready!! Good luck and I hope she comes soon!!