Wednesday, July 29, 2009

32 weeks

There it is....picture of me at 32 weeks. According to some people I have really popped. Which I do feel a lot bigger and the heart burn has definitely showed up. Things around here have been going good. We had our baby shower a couple of weeks ago, which we had an awesome turn out. Thank you for everyone that came!! I will be posting pictures as soon as I get them. You see I forgot to take pictures myself but my mother in law always has her camera with her. So as soon as I get those from her, I'll post them. Anyways only 8 weeks left but hopefully only 6 weeks ;) Scary!!!


Kay said...

Aw, cute! You do look bigger than when I saw you two weeks ago! I can't wait to see the pictures from the shower! I'm bummed I couldn't make it.

Katy said...

Oh my gosh so cute!! I can't believe you are so close already! Time fly's! I'm excited to see baby shower pic's also, since I was unable to attend as well! Glad to hear you had a great turn out for it though! That's because you and Roy are awesome though!