Friday, April 10, 2009

16 weeks

So we just got back from our doctor's appointment this morning. This one was a little more exciting. We actually got to hear the heartbeat. Let me tell you this heartbeat was fast. It was 181. The doctor said that's good for how far along I am. She said if it was that high and I was in my third trimester then we would worry. Also I am shocked that up until this appointment I hadn't gained any weight and then this appointment I lost 3 pounds. Which I haven't been sick for like 3 weeks. So I find that to be strange.

And now for the really good news, We get to find out in 2 weeks what the baby is. I was so excited to hear that. I thought for sure the doctor was going to make us wait til out next appointment which would have been another month. But nope April 24 will be the big day. I will be putting up a poll to place your bets. Please vote! I'm very interested in what people think.


Douglas and Karolynn Kay Burgett said...

Time will go by so fast until you reach 34 weeks. Then girl, you realize why we all start hating pregnancy... Cant get comfy, can't sleep and where are those back/feet massages???? Good luck!

Kay said...

I should've told you this earlier, but some doctors have the capability to tape the ultrasound. I took a VHS tape to my first doctor and have Boo's ultrasound on video. But some doctors have better machinery. So you might be able to take a DVD or a flash drive. I would call the doctors office and find out! ...and I voted boy! ☺