Friday, March 6, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

Wow, so we had a doctors appointment today. Let me tell you have boring it was. All they did was have me pee in a cup, they weighted me and then took my blood pressure. Of course the doctor asked if I had any problems or questions. But that was it! I was disappointed. I was hoping that we could at least hear the heartbeat or something. She said that next time we will do that and then that's also when we have to decide if we want to do the different screenings. So at least next months appointment will be a little more exciting. Did you any of you do the screenings? I don't know even know what they screen for!


Foutz Family said...

What?!? They didn't even listen for the heart beat? My Dr. did that EVERY time and if they couldn't find it, they did an ultra sound to find it. That's a bummer!
I didn't do any of the extra screenings... from what I understand they don't really give you specific information. I think you have to do genetic testing through amniocentesis for specifics.

cahoonfamily said...

We didn't do the extra screenings either. I figured if there was something wrong it wouldn't change my mind about the baby anyway so why worry my whole pregnancy. Get use to peeing in a cup, you get to do that EVERY appointment, SO MUCH FUN!! Just don't spill it when you place it in the little pee door :) Strange that they didn't check for the heart beat...I would have thrown a fit, it's not hard!

Kay said...

I wrote out something to say about this then decided I would just email you since it turned into quite the novel! ☺ Check your email!